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Sheridan Community Land Trust Fact Sheet

The Sheridan Community Land Trust (SCLT) is a private, non-profit, 501c (3) corporation serving Sheridan County, Wyoming • The SCLT was formed in 2005 in response to local community concern that the quality of life in Sheridan County be preserved given rapid changes in population growth, housing, and development pressure.

The mission of the SCLT is to promote agricultural landscapes, open spaces, wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, affordable housing, and historical preservation. These interests are complementary and essential to our quality of life and economic sustainability.

The SCLT conducts its work through various committees and workgroups comprised of citizen volunteers, a local board of directors, and a part-time interim Executive Director. Current committees include: Executive, Finance and Fundraising, Community Outreach and Marketing, Projects and Stewardship, and Governance and Nominating. The four SCLT work groups include: Open Space, Wildlife and Recreation; Agriculture; Historical Preservation; and Affordable Housing.

The SCLT is the third local land trust to be formed in the Wyoming following the Jackson Hole Land Trust in Jackson and the Green River Valley Land Trust in Pinedale.

A primary tool by which land trust protects land is through conservation easements.

Conservation easements are strictly voluntary. The SCLT helps landowners realize their personal vision for their land.

Conservation easements are often custom-crafted to meet the specific needs of a landowner, their family, heirs, or estate.

Conservation easements are typically perpetual and may not include public access which is totally controlled by the private landowner.

Land Trusts assume responsibility to monitor easements at least annually through site visits that are approved and coordinated through the landowners.

Conservation easements are generally donated by the landowner and, in many cases, there are significant tax advantages for doing so.

The SCLT accepted its first conservation easement in September 2007 on 9.3 acres owned by Volunteers of American adjacent Little Goose Creek. The easement will preserve in perpetuity wildlife habitat, floodplain, and open space.

The SCLT has recently received a challenge grant from the Scott Foundation for $30,000 and a $25,000 grant from the Foundation for Community Vitality which will be used to help the land trust move forward with its 3-year plan which includes:

  • Advertising, recruiting, and hiring a full-time paid Executive Director
  • Establishing an office in downtown Sheridan
  • Initiating a fundraising campaign
  • Expanding a community education, outreach, and marketing plan

In December 2008 the SCLT completed the first historic preservation easement in the State of Wyoming on the Sheridan Inn. This is the beginning of the SCLT’s efforts to protect historic resources in Sheridan County which could include old pioneer homesteads and barns, historic facades, remnants of pioneer trails, archeological resources, mining districts, and railroads.

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