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SHERIDAN, WYOMING Agricultural Landscapes | Open Space | RECREATION | Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation

Name: Sheridan Inn

Entities Involved: Sheridan Community Land Trust, Sheridan Inn Heritage Center, Inc.

Instrument Used: Historic Preservation Easement

Term of Easement: 50 Years

What is covered in the easement document:

  • Exposed Historic Exterior
    (chimney, gables, porch, wooden posts)

  • Significant Interior Spaces and Features
    (e.g. hotel registration desk, bar, interior wooden beams, wooden mail boxes

  • Three Fireplaces

  • Fine Architectural Details
    (e.g. curved dormer windows, metal rosettes, brass bar rail)

Purpose: To ensure that the overall physical structure and unique architectural style of the Sheridan Inn maintains it historic appearance and will not be changed for the next 50 years.

Significance of this action: This is the first historic preservation to be signed in the state of WY.

Date Signed: 12/11/08

Future: The SCLT working with the Sheridan Inn Heritage Center, Inc. will be coordinating and hosting a big event to celebrate this signing sometime in the spring of 2009.

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