Conservation steps forward

You’re changing lives and building a love of the land Not that long ago it was a lot harder to experience the beauty and magic of nature along the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains. For some, it was difficult because of their busy family lives – there wasn’t a lot of time to travel far to hike, or to take a scenic drive amidst the beauty of Sheridan County’s iconic ranches and farmlands. For others, like many of the kids in our elementary schools, it just wasn’t part of their day. It’s not that they didn’t want to go outside …

Katie BeltonConservation steps forward

It’s a great day for a new adventure on the trails

Good news: thanks to so many people like you, the new sections of Red Grade Trails are open! If you’re around over the weekend, come on up with your friends and family to enjoy nearly six miles of hiking, jogging, biking and (with some snow) cross-country skiing on Red Grade Trails – just a short drive from home. A special thank you to all those who donate their time, talent, and dollars to continue to make projects through Sheridan Community Land Trust possible. For a map of Red Grade Trails, visit our trails and recreation page.

Katie BeltonIt’s a great day for a new adventure on the trails

Is conservation right for you?

Would you like to protect your land? Do you know someone who might be interested in protecting their ranch or land that’s been in the family for generations? Would you like to ensure healthy wildlife habitat on your property or see the native grasses and trees renewed? People protect their land for a variety of reasons. Many times, it’s a way to ensure that their love of the land will remain after they leave. For others, it’s a way to honor their parents and grandparents. Sometimes it helps with estate planning or financial management plans. If you would like to …

Katie BeltonIs conservation right for you?

One trail, for us all

Have you had your weekly dose of panoramic mountain views? If so, tip your hat to Don Roberts Jr., Tom Belus, Jane Clark, and Dixie See for making Soldier Ridge Trail – and those unobstructed views – possible. It is private land, after all, yet thanks to these folks’ generosity and a belief in community-centered conservation, over 900 of your friends, neighbors, and houseguests benefited from being able to use this trail over the summer – experiencing solitude just minutes from downtown. Soldier Ridge Trail has been an asset to the community for the past six years. What’s more, the …

Katie BeltonOne trail, for us all

Same dirt road, new destination

For many who grew up here, an evening at Red Grade meant one thing: a party. While the nature just off the road is some of the most treasured in the region, few noticed as they sped by, leaving evidence of their evening in pull-offs along the way. It was hard to imagine that Red Grade could ever become a wholesome destination…until now. Things are changing for the better. For the high school students at Fort McKenzie this summer, Red Grade was a destination for something entirely different: volunteering on the trails. In just one day this June, thirty-five student …

Katie BeltonSame dirt road, new destination

Giving back to the land

When John and Vanessa Buyok look out the window of their ranch home along the Tongue River, they have reason to smile. Sometimes, it’s because they’ve watched an owl land softly in a nearby cottonwood tree; other times, it’s because a crop of hay made it in before the rain. But often, it’s because they know that their ranch – and the valuable wildlife habitat within it – is richer and more vibrant, thanks to their foresight. The Buyok family has ranched this land for nearly a hundred years. South Dry Creek, which meanders through the property, has provided seasonal …

Katie BeltonGiving back to the land

You’re shaping the future

With more kids than ever glued to a computer screen, time spent outside is becoming increasingly rare. Youth today are at risk of failing to develop an appreciation for the outdoors, a connection with nature, and a strong sense of place. But, that’s where you come in. This summer, your support helped provide programs such as Unplug, the Explorer Series, community hikes, and volunteer days for the youth of Sheridan County. Not to mention, your support helped build and maintain community trails – which play a huge role in getting kids outside and active. At Unplug’s Picnic on the Pathway …

Katie BeltonYou’re shaping the future

Ninety-two miles of blue

Low flows mean it’s high time for a river trip! Thanks to a grant from the Recreational Trails Program and donations from members like you, work is beginning as we create informational signage at existing public access points along the Goose Creek and the Tongue River waterways. This summer, the first nine locations on public lands within Sheridan city limits along Little and Big Goose Creeks are receiving signage. The signs (working draft below) will include information on the distances between access points, access site amenities, and safety information. The signs will also direct river users to This online …

Katie BeltonNinety-two miles of blue

Power in collaboration, community

Imagine the year is 2020 as you float downstream on the Tongue River; sounds of rushing water and songbirds fill the air. Rounding the next bend, you can hardly believe that the impacts of a power plant once dominated the natural landscape, now lined with verdant willows and cottonwoods for the first time in more than a century. Welcome to Acme park – seven acres of renewed serenity along the Tongue River. The site has seen a tumultuous past: once the largest power generation facility west of the Mississippi, it soon became a private junk yard with a clouded title. …

Katie BeltonPower in collaboration, community

SCLT Begins Leadership Transition

For Immediate Release:   4/7/2017 SCLT Begins Leadership Transition: Summer departure anticipated for outgoing Executive Director The Board of the Sheridan Community Land Trust (SCLT) is entering a formal search process to transition executive leadership of the organization.  SCLT Executive Director, Colin Betzler, plans to step away from full time duties this summer while working closely with the Board and incoming Executive Director for a seamless  transition.  Mark Kinner, SCLT Emeritus Board Member and the former Board President who hired Betzler stated, “SCLT has developed an incredible team during its first decade and while we will certainly miss Colin’s leadership and …

Katie BeltonSCLT Begins Leadership Transition