Below we’ve featured some of our voluntary conservation agreement, also known as a conservation easement, projects that we completed in partnership with local landowners. SCLT focuses on protecting working ranches, wildlife habitat, and open space in Sheridan County.

River Ranch Road

Sheridan County

2M Farms

Sheridan Heights Ranch

Sheridan Heights Ranch

  • Access: 3 public access recreation trails
  • Fun Fact : 10 species of raptors
  • Conserved: 476+ acres
  • Established: 2019
Deer Haven

Deer Haven

  • Closed: January, 2019
  • Fun Fact: Safeguards 1.5 miles of Wolf Creek
  • Conserved: 113 acres
  • 9th and 10th conservation easements
North Gateway

North Gateway

  • Closed: 2016
  • Fun Fact: Now a City of Sheridan park
  • Conserved: 31 acres
  • 8th conservation easement
Legacy Land and Cattle

Legacy Land and Cattle

  • Closed: June, 2015
  • Fun Fact: Conserved key Greater Sage-Grouse habitat
  • Conserved: 528 acres
  • 7th conservation easement
Land Conservation

McMeans Tongue River

  • Closed: November, 2013
  • Fun Fact: First conservation subdivision
  • Conserved: 80 acres
  • 6th conservation easement
Soldier Ridge

Soldier Hills, Soldier Ridge

  • Closed: March, 2012
  • Fun Fact: Most of the Soldier Ridge visible for miles around
  • Conserved: 1,154 acres
  • 4th and 5th conservation easements


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