Reserve the SCLT Community Rooms

We welcome visitors to the SCLT Community Rooms at 14 Lane Lane, Sheridan. Our free SCLT Community Rooms help nonprofits by offering a comfortable facility to power their work for our community. We want to make something better every day, and offering the SCLT Community Rooms free for nonprofits is one way we can do that.

The SCLT Community Rooms offers a variety of rooms and configurations. The Cottonwood Room can seat 20 people and includes chairs.

The Big Goose Room is currently reserved through mid summer. Once available, it can host up to 50 people and features a kitchen. We currently have 40 chairs and no tables. It will eventually include tables, a printer, projector, and screen too. The Trailblazer Room and The Tie Flume Room are currently unavailable. The SCLT Community Rooms have one shared bathroom available for all rooms.

Please read the below Terms of Use prior to requesting the use of the SCLT Community Rooms.

Terms of Use

Please review prior to requesting the use of the SCLT Community Rooms


  • The SCLT Community Rooms are available seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • You must visit the SCLT Community Rooms with an SCLT Team member during working hours prior to your first use. SCLT hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays.


  • We welcome any 501(c)(3) charitable organizations serving the Sheridan County area and local, county, state, school, and government entities to use this space free of charge. SCLT reserves the right to prioritize the use of the SCLT Community Rooms for groups who align with the SCLT mission. The use of the SCLT Community Rooms are at the sole discretion of SCLT.

Types of Uses

  • The SCLT Community Rooms are recommended for nonprofit training sessions, meetings, and retreats. The rooms are not available for special events (e.g., celebrations and parties), fundraisers, religious services, or political events.
  • Organizations are not permitted to charge for meeting attendance, although charging for the cost of meals is allowed.

Setup and Takedown

  • It is your responsibility to know how to access the SCLT Community Rooms and use any technology (if you have requested) ahead of your use of the property. The SCLT Team may not be available to assist during SCLT hours. No SCLT Team member will be available outside of SCLT’s hours.
  • Setup and takedown are the user’s responsibility, so please allow ample time. Please leave the meeting space in the condition you found it.
  • You are expected to vacuum, wipe down surfaces, clean up any messes, and turn off the lights and projector. If you are using one of the internal rooms, you are expected to lock the internal door and return the key to the lockbox next to the door to the internal room.
  • Please take your trash with you. There are no onsite trash receptacles available.


  • The lot to the west of the SCLT office is available during SCLT office hours and as overflow parking.
  • Outside of SCLT office hours, you may park in the lot in front of the SCLT office.
  • You may bring snacks or order delivery through any licensed and insured caterer. We do not provide plates, silverware, glasses, or mugs.


  • Kitchen Amenities – Big Goose Room
    • A large kitchen includes ample counter space, a refrigerator/freezer, a small microwave, a sink, space for pan warmers, and small trash and recycling bins. In the future a coffee maker may become available.
  • Catering Access
    • Deliveries of boxed lunches or similar can come through the door to the SCLT Community Room.
  • For Catering Requiring On-Site Prep
    • On-site caterers must present a Certificate of Insurance before they can work in the kitchen.

Special Notes

  • Wireless Internet is available, but we cannot guarantee bandwidth.
  • The Big Goose Room comes with access to the kitchen.
  • Please note that the restroom is in the Big Goose Room. When using the restrooms please be respectful of groups using the Big Goose Room.
  • Please keep noise to a minimum in communal spaces, including the ramp and parking.
  • Contact the SCLT Community Rooms coordinator for adjustments to the room temperature.
  • The entire property is non-smoking and non-vaping.
  • Alcohol is not permitted unless you have secured prior approval from SCLT.
  • Recreational drugs are prohibited.
  • The SCLT Community Rooms’ entrance includes a wheelchair-accessible ramp.
  • Please stay in the room you reserved, with the door closed. If you need an additional room, please check with SCLT.
  • SCLT is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • After your event, you agree to share your attendance numbers with SCLT so we can demonstrate the impact of the SCLT Community Rooms.


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