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Guided tours provide an opportunity to explore the local historic and cultural elements of Sheridan County’s landscape, natural resources and diverse cultures. These tours can be led by SCLT staff or taken at your own convenience as driving or walking tours. These self-guided tours utilize the TravelStory GPS App which can be downloaded on your cell phone, tablet or any connected device.

Sheridan County

Self-Guided Virtual Tours

Self-guided virtual tours combine video, audio narration and still photos and are available on-demand, which allows you to enjoy these tours anywhere you have an internet connection. They can also be presented to community groups. Regardless of where you live, these virtual tours are perfect for anyone who has Sheridan County living in their hearts.

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Video & Audio Presentations

Here you can explore history from the comfort of anywhere you have an internet connection. Catch-up with an Discovery Session or Explore History presentation you missed or see a favorite story again. Even better: pop some popcorn and watch with a friend!

Firearms That Influenced Powder River Country

On August 20, 2022, SCLT partnered with Fort Phil Kearny State Historic Site, the Fort Phil Kearny/Bozeman Trail Association, Wyoming Humanities Council, Wyoming State Parks, Historic Sites and Trails, and the Sheridan County Sportsmen’s Association to host Firearms That Influenced Powder River Country, a daylong session of historical presentations held at Fort Phil Kearny and the Kearney Community Hall. Below, you can find videos from each presentation. Video by Little Goose Multimedia.

On this video you will find the following presentations:
• Bob Wilson, a Kearny Frontier Regular, and Donovin Sprague, a History faculty member at Sheridan College and enrolled member of the Minnicoujou Lakota. Topics include: Native weaponry, bows and arrows (stone & metal), firearms, flintlock, musket, 1876 military firearms, and their historical relationship to Fort Phil Kearny in Wyoming.
• Danny Michael, Cody Firearms Museum Curator, discusses the history of firearms used on the Northern Plains and covers firearms of all types, from the “well known” to the “how did that get there?”
• Donovin Sprague presents Firearms and Changes in Native Culture.
• Carrie Edigner, SCLT Historical Program Manager, and local historian, author, and representative of Sheridan County Sportsmen’s Association Mike Kuzara co-present regional history and firearms related to early cattle drives along the Texas Trail and early ranching during.
• Community member Rick Newton shares local history related to historical firearms.
• Community member HP Puckett shares local history related to historical firearms.

Explore History to tour historic Eatons’ Ranch

August 29th, 2023|Comments Off on Explore History to tour historic Eatons’ Ranch

Join us for this very special tour of Wyoming’s original dude ranch. You’ll learn about the history of Eatons’ Ranch, tour the buildings, and experience its beautiful location along Wolf Creek. Sept. 12 • 10 [...]

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