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Iron Riders Trail Driving/Cycling Tour

Follow the route taken by the Black soldiers of the 25th Infantry Regiment Bicycle Corps in 1897 when they traveled through Sheridan County on their way from Fort Missoula, Montana to St. Louis, Missouri.

The Iron Riders earned their name from the heavy iron framed bicycles they rode, but also from their iron will in accomplishing a 1,900-mile journey over 41 days and five states. This driving/cycling tour was released on June 19, 2024. It is about 40 miles in length.

Take the Tour using TravelStoryGPS

How to take the “Iron Riders Trail” TravelStorys GPS driving/cycling tour:

1) Go to the AppStore (iPhone) or GooglePlay (Android) and search for the “TravelStorysGPS” app.

2) Download and open the “TravelStorysGPS” app with your phone.

3) Search for the “Iron Riders Trail” tour by either location or name.

4) Download the “Iron Riders Trail” tour. Then open the tour.

5) You can start the tour from the Historic Sheridan Inn in Sheridan. The tour is about 40 miles, and concludes in the town of Clearmont.

Watch an Explore History presentation about the Iron Riders

In this Explore History program held August 15, 2023, from the TRVCC in Dayton, SCLT History Program Manager Kevin Knapp shared an informative presentation about the Iron Riders.

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