Follow in the footsteps, hoofprints, and stagecoach tracks of history

Follow in the footsteps, hoofprints, and stagecoach tracks of history while enjoying the fresh air and fun outside on Soldier Ridge Trail. This tour features seven stories taken from local history that has occurred on or near the trail. It features stories of Plains Indian Tribes, early European settlement, conflict along the Bozeman Trail, and development and agriculture in the Goose Valley. You can enjoy this tour on-the-ground and virtually with the TravelStorys GPS app. SCLT also leads the tour through Explore History and Discovery Session programs. You can also request SCLT staff or docent volunteers provide a guided tour for you or your group.

Take the Tour using TravelStoryGPS

Instructions for TravelStory GPS App – History on the Soldier Ridge Trail – A Walking Tour

This tour begins and ends at the Soldier Ridge Trailhead. Not sure how to get there? Here’s a map!

The tour will take you to a scenic lookout about 1 mile from the trailhead and back. While on the tour, you can enjoy the rest of the trail. The narration will begin again as you return to the trailhead. The total distance on the tour is about 2 miles. It is a mellow walk, with some uphill stretches. Shoes and water recommended.

How to take the TravelStorys GPS walking tour

1) Go to the AppStore (iPhone) or GooglePlay (Android) and search for the “TravelStorysGPS” app.

2) Download and open the “TravelStorysGPS” app with your phone.

3) Search for the History on the Soldier Ridge Trail tour by either location or name.

4) Open the History on the Soldier Ridge Trail tour.

5) You can start the tour from the trailhead parking lot.

OR take the TravelStorys Tour remotely via your computer.

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