How does the $10K + $10K = $40K for Red Grade Trails WyoGives Challenge work?

  • All gifts MADE BEFORE WyoGives Day on July 13, up to a total of $10,000, will be matched dollar for dollar by Sarah Wallick & Aaron Denberg.
  • All gifts MADE ON WyoGives Day this July 13, up to a total of $10,000, will be matched dollar for dollar by the Hughes Charitable Foundation (Single gifts matched up to $1,000).

That’s how $10K + $10K = $40K for Red Grade Trails this WyoGives Day!

That means new opportunities to hike, bike, run, walk, ride on horseback, stretch your pet’s legs, find flowers, watch wildlife, peep plants, binoc birds, have a picnic, read in a quiet spot, find balance with a morning mountain yoga session or simply experience the peace and tranquility you can only find by getting outdoors and connecting to nature.


Your WyoGives 2022 gift will:

  • CREATE sustainable access with 3 miles of resilient trail while also replacing unsustainable social trails
  • BUILD the 1st equestrian trail going up the mountain (the 2nd for folks on foot) going from Base Trailhead to Bear Gulch East Trailhead. This shared equestrian/hiking trail is our 2023 priority build!

These goals alone will cost $200,000. Thanks to a $10,000 Challenge Match from Sarah Wallick & Aaron Denberg and an additional $10,000 WyoGives Day Only Match from the Hughes Charitable Foundation, these goals are within reach!

And you can help reach that goal today!

By helping reach this goal, your gift gets closer to completing the full community vision for Red Grade Trails.

But our community’s vision for Red Grade Trails isn’t complete. With 16 miles on the ground, the vision is more than halfway built.

The full vision includes:

12 more miles of sustainable trails for a total of 28 miles across the system.

  • SEND IT with 4+ miles of downhill only flow trail for mountain bikes including features for advanced riders
  • SHARED EQUESTRIAN/HIKE LINE from The Base up to Bear Gulch East
  • SHARED HIKING/BIKING LINE from Bear Gulch East down to The Base
  • HIKING ONLY connectors between Poverty Flat and The Base
  • 3+ MILE LOOP for all uses connecting Bear Gulch East and West
  • GIVES ROOM TO MOVE thanks to trailheads with parking areas at The Aspens (already funded) and Bear Gulch West (the final step)

At Red Grade Trails, you can choose your own adventure as you explore your beautiful Bighorns backyard in the heart of your Wyoming Wonderland!

People like you have combined to contribute more than $1 million to complete this vision. Our best estimate today is that it will take about $1 million more to complete.

Make memories that will last a lifetime. At any age. With friends & family. Or on your own.

What have your past WyoGives gifts built?

  • 7+ NEW TRAIL MILES between Poverty Flat and Bear Gulch East in 2021
  • 2 TRAILHEADS WITH PARKING AREAS are under construction this summer
  • CONNECTED BASE TRAILHEAD TO BEAR GULCH EAST with at least 3 new trail miles as you read this update!


And all faster than anyone imagined!

During WyoGives 2022, your gift will be doubled thanks to the kindness of fellow trail lovers Sarah Wallick & Aaron Denberg and the Hughes Charitable Foundation.

Do the math and double your impact so $10K + $10K = $40K will help our community explore more of your beautiful Bighorns backyard from The Base to Bear Gulch & Beyond at Red Grade Trails by making your WyoGives 2022 gift today or on Wednesday, July 13.

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