As spring fully blooms, SCLT would like to remind visitors to local trails of rules and practices that help everyone enjoy our beautiful Bighorns backyard safely and conflict-free.

The Soldier Ridge Trail System crosses over private property with active ranching operations and near ranch housing. Access rules must be followed to maintain public trail access.

  • Only enter the trail system at designated trailheads. The Soldier Ridge Trail System has only three legal, public access sites: the Soldier Ridge, Hidden Hoot, and Double Eagle Trailheads. You are trespassing if you leave or access the trail system in any other way.
  • Soldier Ridge Trail crosses a private driveway at approximately 5 miles. You may cross the driveway to continue along the trail. Please remember that this driveway is not open to public use and does not provide legal public access to the trail system via Calvary Ridge Road.
  • Per the ranching operations’ request, firearms are not allowed along the Soldier Ridge Trail System. This is to help keep the cows and ranch families who work the landscape safe from accidents.
  • The Soldier Ridge Trail System is open from dawn to dusk. Please respect the daily hours of operation and any temporary or seasonal trail closures that may be in place.
  • Dogs must always be leashed, dog waste must be packed out, and dogs must never chase livestock or wildlife.

Several trail etiquette practices make experiencing community trails wherever you go easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

  • Most trails are multi-purpose and bidirectional, which means you can encounter trail visitors on foot, on bikes, and on horses from behind or in front of you. When this happens, these are the widely accepted rules for yielding:
    • Hikers yield to horses; bikes yield to hikers and horses.
    • Downhill traffic yields to uphill traffic.
    • Communication is critical. Calmly communicate with other trail visitors to announce your presence or to pass.
  • Red Grade Trails has several trails designated for specific uses. Please know the use and direction of travel for the trail you are on.
    • Do not ride bikes on “hike only” trails.
    • Do not hike on “bike only” trails.
    • Doing so can cause dangerous interactions that can cause injury.
  • Dogs are allowed off-leash at Red Grade Trails (and many of the open spaces we all share in Wyoming). However, dogs must always be under control when allowed off-leash. Please keep track of your dog at trailheads, as dogs tend to relieve themselves once they exit the vehicle.
  • E-bikes are motorized vehicles. Know where they are allowed.
    • E-bikes are prohibited on Red Grade Trails, the Soldier Ridge Trail System, or The Green Room Trail at Malcolm Wallop Park.
  • Be good stewards of our shared spaces.
    • Limit the use of trails during wet or muddy periods. If you are leaving tracks, turn around and head back. If you must continue, go straight through and not leave the trail.
    • Do not build fires at trailheads.
    • Utilize Leave No Trace principles. You can find them at

Still trying to figure out where to go? You can find maps for all of SCLT’s community trails at