Dayton / Ranchester Pathway

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Questions that were explored during the April 30th / May 1st community meetings

Dayton: April 30th – 32 attendees

  1. Would it need to be lighted? No
  2. Year-round maintenance- who pays for the maintenance? That would need to be explored
  3. Who mows? WYDOT, road 10 feet from road
  4. What happens if not maintained? This needs to be explored
  5. Would other funding mechanisms be available that don’t require year-round maintenance. Would need to use WYDOT funding for use of right of way.
  6. Would feasibility study weigh value of different surfaces? Yes
  7. Cost of project? Estimates only now until feasibility and design is completed
  8. How much would WYDOT fund? Up to $500,000 / application
  9. Are the town councils for the project? Ranchester – yes; Dayton – ?
  10. How can we help? WYDOT -most importantly public support can help move project forward.
  11. Do you gather regular meeting to share updates? Nothing yet. Email updates
  12. Should you form a citizen panel? If needed
  13. How does WYDOT feel about project? –WYDOT is in favor. WYDOT is in support of getting folks off the road
  14. How do we secure permission to use right of way? WYDOT permit not a legislator action needed
  15. Could fence or barrier be installed between vehicle and pathway? WYDOT – No fence of barrier for they would be a hazards could be installed
  16. Would WYDOT reduce speed limit? WYDOT – No
  17. Which side of highway? North
  18. Current width of the right of way? Maybe 100 from center line
  19. What is the timeframe of feasibility study? Apply this summer, complete next summer.
  20. Could phase include portion built on soft surface then to be paved later? WYDOT – Probably not. Using right of way needs to be hard surface
  21. Is asphalt cheaper?  Probably upfront but similar to concrete over project lifetime.
  22. What were negative comments? Is the project needed. Concerns of safety and ag use of crossings
  23. 100% non-motorized, e-bikes, ADA? ADA would need to be followed.
  24. Safety along the pathway? Sheriff prefers along road rather than along river
  25. Is County 1-cent funds as an option? Potentially.
  26. Would we put signage up for users to know they are entering pathway? Yes

Ranchester: May 1 – 35 attendees

  1. What is the design for the pathway? That would be the goal of the feasibility study and subsequent design.
  2. Will it be maintained year-round? Yes
  3. Equine use? Possible
  4. Ag use across pathway? Safety would need to be considered with the feasibility study
  5. Is there a maintenance plan in place? That would need to be developed as part of the project
  6. Do you have enough space in right of way? Likely but would need to be refined with feasibility study
  7. Can you run right of way water line under the pathway? No, WYDOT generally doesn’t allow parallel utility in right of way
  8. Concern for costs- is the pathway a need? Overwhelming support in community survey