A hiking and biking trail may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a golf course, but Double Eagle Trail, the newest community trail built and maintained by Sheridan Community Land Trust, creates a hub for outdoor activity at Kendrick Golf Course that extends well beyond the fairway.

Visitors will find Double Eagle Trail a more than fair way to connect with nature and the outdoors close to home. The trail checks in at about 1.75 miles, though its design offers visitors a lollipop style loop that totals about 2.2 miles out and back. For those looking for a longer run, ride, or hike, Double Eagle Trail connects to the larger Soldier Ridge Trail System via a junction with The Link Trail and Kicking Horse Trail.

According to SCLT Recreation Program Manager Jared Koenig, the design offers opportunities for visitors to get in a quick morning or afternoon workout or take a longer foray to the far ends of the system.

Speaking of forays…or fore-ays…you can always bring your clubs and swing big during the golf season. You can even stop in the clubhouse for post-trail refueling.

However, just because the course will be closed for the winter doesn’t mean Double Eagle Trail will. The trail will be open and accessible year-round.

Another bonus Koenig was quick to point out: “No hoofprints!”

“Because the trail is built primarily Kendrick Golf Course land, Double Eagle Trail will be open during calving season.” he relayed.

That means Double Eagle Trail won’t have the seasonal spring calving closure like Hidden Hoot Trail.

Though part of the trail runs along the periphery of a golf course, Koenig said visitors will quickly feel like they’re miles away from the hustle and bustle of town.

“The trail flows through vegetation that is only browsed by wildlife, which makes it a bit of a ‘wild island’ among rangeland, homesteads, and the golf course,” he remarked. “At the highest points, you’ll pass through a small ‘sagebrush forest.’ Sagebrush takes a long time to grow, so it is cool to see such large specimens so close to town.”

Also cool: the incredible volunteers who are helping put the finishing touches on the trail, by smoothing tread and building bridges, at Fresh Track Nights this summer and fall. “We greatly appreciate all their help. By helping put the finishing touches on the trail, they are putting the ‘community’ in ‘community trails,’” Koenig concluded.

Koenig added that finishing work will continue through the fall. Fresh Tracks Volunteer Nights are held each Tuesday night from 6-7 p.m. at Double Eagle Trail. If you’d like to help, meet Jared at the cart barn lot. Be sure to bring your bike or hiking poles so you can help pack the tread in the best possible way – by using the trail!

Though the trail was built this summer, it has been on the proverbial building board for several years. Retired SCLT Trails Coordinator Tami Sorenson envisioned Double Eagle Trail several years ago as she explored potential additions to the community trail network. She quickly landed on a southern connection to the Soldier Ridge Trail System to create new opportunities, add convenient access, and spread trail visitors across the increasingly popular Soldier Ridge system. SCLT was able to secure permission to build from the City of Sheridan and the Sheridan Heights Ranch; though it wasn’t until this summer that SCLT had the ability to build it.

Much of the work was done by Kevin Forrester of K4 Trails, with Jared and SCLT Recreation Intern Foster Ulin aiding Forrester as needed. That work has resulted in a trail with mild grades and twists and turns that aren’t too steep for hikers and walkers but still provide an entertaining ride for pedalers.

Koenig said the trail is open to explore and enjoy now, though trailhead and wayfinding signage will be added in time for the 2024 spring season.

How to get there: The easiest way to access Double Eagle Trail is to follow Golf Course Road West Loucks Street/Big Goose Road. Please park at the cart barn parking lot and walk along Golf Course Road south to the golf course property gate where the trail entrance is located. You can also walk on the grass between the driving range net and Golf Course Road.  – Follow Golf Course Rd. Park at cart barn. Walk down road to trail entrance.

A map of Double Eagle Trail, along with all other SCLT community trail maps, can be found at https://sheridanclt.org/recreation/maps/.