The Sheridan Community Land Trust is excited to announce that Hidden Hoot Trail and Hoot Loop have reopened as of Sunday, May 1.

The two trails, part of the Soldier Ridge Trail System, had been closed during calving season. SCLT Executive Director Brad Bauer thanked community members for visiting other trails during an important time on the ranch.

“We greatly appreciated the patience and cooperation from trail visitors who ‘mooved’ off Hidden Hoot Trail and Hoot Loop during calving season. Not only does it emphasize how recreation and ranching can work hand in glove but it is a reminder that it is the people here who put the community in community trails,” Bauer remarked.

As hikers, bikers, walkers, runners, strollers, skaters, birders, wildlife watchers, flower peepers and more “moove” back onto Hidden Hoot Trail and Hoot Loop, Bauer advised visitors that there may be some rough spots on the trail.

“In order to get everyone back on the trail and enjoying our beautiful Bighorns backyard as quickly as possible, we are reopening on the first day we can. That means you may encounter some rough patches,” Bauer said.

He encouraged trail users to get out and enjoy the trails. “Using the trails will help smoother over the rough spots.”

Trail visitors can also look forward to the first connection from The Base to Bear Gulch at Red Grade Trails later this summer. Currently, plans are underway to complete at least 3 additional miles of trail at the top of Red Grade Trails in addition to dedicated trailheads with parking lots at Poverty Flat and Bear Gulch East along the top of Red Grade Road.

“Whether you’re covering every mile or merely stretching your legs to experience the awe-inspiring views of our valley within a half mile of your vehicle, it truly is easier than ever before to go from your front door to the outdoors in Sheridan County,” Bauer concluded.

SCLT reminds visitors to Hidden Hoot Trail and Hoot Loop to continue to give the cows and calves they may encounter on the trail a wide berth. Visitors are also reminded that pets must always be leashed on these trails.

To view and print all community trail maps or for more information about Sheridan Community Land Trust, please visit