Request for proposals – 2021

Notice is hereby given that Sheridan County is inviting “Qualified” General Contractors to submit a sealed bid for furnishing labor, materials and equipment required to complete a 31,755 +/- linear feet Sheridan County Red Grade Trails – 2021 Project. Project includes the construction of 31,755 +/- linear feet of non-motorized, single and multi-use, 24” – 36” natural surface trail as part of the Red Grade Trails System. Concept of work is to start and progress without interruption until the mileage under this proposal is complete. The project construction will be supervised by the Sheridan Community Land Trust. The project will be on United States Forest Service land west of Big Horn, Wyoming and is authorized by a Private Trail Special Use Permit. Work is to be completed from May 1, 2021 to October 15, 2021. A pre-bid meeting is not possible; however, clarifications/questions can be submitted to Sheridan Community Land Trust by email at by February 1, 2021 and will be shared with all prospective bidders by February 3, 2021.

To receive contract documents via e-mail contact Sealed bids marked “Sheridan County Red Grade Trails – 2021” will be accepted at County Commissioners’ Office, 224 S. Main Street, Suite B-1, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801 until 2:00 PM February 8, 2021. At that time bids will be opened in the Public Meeting Room, 2nd floor, Courthouse addition. Sheridan County reserves that right to reject any and all bids and to waive any irregularities and informalities in the bid submittal and evaluation process. The bidder will be required to comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, and regulations.

Request for Proposals

Questions – February 1, 2021 is the deadline for request for clarifications/questions. February 3, 2021 we will distribute responses to requests for clarifications.

Is a site visit access impossible before opening date? The road to the project area public. However, the road to the seasonally closed to wheeled traffic from December 15 – April 1. During that time over the snow traffic can be used to access the area.

We prefer to bid based on work complete vs hours complete. The project is being contracted as an hourly to accommodate for not having a pre bid walk through.

The project says the timeframe is a year but I was wondering if there is a preferred timeline? The preferred timeline would be completion during the summer – fall of 2021. Typically trail construction season for this location ends in mid October; however, snow is possible earlier.

Would you like us to include and define unit prices within our bid, or are you just requesting hourly rates with unit pricing to be determined in contract negotiations. Please just provide hourly rates.

Is a WY contractor license required? The project funding sources prefers that the project contractor is licensed to work in the state of Wyoming. If not, then you will need to have the proper bonding insurance coverage.

Do you have an estimated budget or construction cost? The project has a budget of $275,000 for completion.

Is the general line of the trail flagged? Sheridan Community Land Trust will flag the center line of a 15 foot right of way ahead of the selected contractor.

Do you require union? No

What is your best guess as to the length of the hand built section? Hand built section is about 700 feet

Can you email the kmz files for the trail alignments to me? Here is a link to the file

We use small motorcycles to carry fuel and other supplies to the machines everyday. We are able to stay on the new trail cuts. Will this be allowed? Yes

Will we be allowed to close the trails we are working on? Yes

Is there an addendum issued? We have built this website. We have been adding responses to questions as we can. As outlined in the RFP, February 1st is the deadline for requesting clarifications/questions and all questions and answers will be shared with all prospective bidders by February 3, 2021.

Do you anticipate the construction of bridges or boardwalks? SCLT prefers rock armoring, natural drainages, etc. to be used wherever possible and logical; however, should manmade materials be the only course but not be available due to circumstances beyond SCLT and/or the Contractors control, then either a mutually acceptable solution will be found or the area be left until materials become available. Should that be after the Contractor has left, the contractor will not be held responsible for returning and completing the said structure.

Could you provide a brief description of the features and jumps expected to be built? Features and jumps will be built to trail rating standards (ie: A green or blue trail should have easier features than a black rated trail) and all features must have some type of ride around/hike around. The right or way is narrow (15 feet) and must be considered.

The RFP makes frequent mention of water, is it truly your intention to haul water in to achieve compaction? No hauling of water is required however proper compaction is. Should proper compaction not occur during construction due to extreme dry conditions, re-compaction should performed when natural moisture occurs

Can I also have a copy of the planholders list? Yes. We can send after all bids are in.

Can we mail an electronic copy of the proposal on a USB flash drive or do we need to send it on a CD? Please send a flash drive as the electronic copy.

I did not see a specific deadline for the project but did notice the contract will be for 1 year. The preferred timeline would be completion during the summer – fall of 2021. Typically trail construction season for this location ends in mid October; however, snow is possible earlier.