Pictured (l-r): Zack Cummins of Concept Z – Home & Property presents a check for $1,000 to Sheridan Community Land Trust Executive Director Brad Bauer. They are joined by Concept Z team members Dalton Goodyear, Bob Utter, Lisa Keller, Charlie Cunningham, Drew Homola, Genie Mayfield, Heather Vanderhoef, Ian Knutson, Rose Hendrickson, and Matt Westkott

On Wednesday, March 11, Concept Z – Home & Property presented the Sheridan Community Land Trust a contribution of $1,000 to help build new miles at Red Grade Trails.

The contribution was part of the firm’s Concept Give Back program, where employees donate $100 from every completed transaction to the company’s Giving Fund. Once the fund reaches $1,000 an agent’s name is drawn and a donation is made to the charity or cause of that agent’s choosing. Concept Z – Home & Property has set a goal to donate $27,000 to community organizations in 2020.

This Concept Give Back donation was selected by Ian Knutson. With a degree in Forestry and a passion for the outdoors, Knutson said, “SCLT’s mission directly correlates with my personal values and what I value about Wyoming and the Sheridan area.”

“This generous donation will create new ways for more people to enjoy the beauty of the Bighorns,” remarked SCLT Executive Director Brad Bauer, who explained the donation from Concept Z – Home & Property will go towards the $30,000 SCLT will utilize as part of its $100,000 local match for a $500,000 Wyoming Business Council grant that, if awarded, will provide funding to build 10 to 11 new miles of non-motorized recreation trails and two parking facilities at Red Grade Trails in the Bighorn National Forest.

“Thanks to generous people like Ian and everyone at Concept Z, half of the new trail miles at Red Grade Trails could be complete in 2021,” Bauer concluded.

“I believe SCLT has done some amazing things for the community on many levels. Keep at it!” Knutson concluded.