Imagine the year is 2020 as you float downstream on the Tongue River; sounds of rushing water and songbirds fill the air. Rounding the next bend, you can hardly believe that the impacts of a power plant once dominated the natural landscape, now lined with verdant willows and cottonwoods for the first time in more than a century.

Welcome to Acme park – seven acres of renewed serenity along the Tongue River.

The site has seen a tumultuous past: once the largest power generation facility west of the Mississippi, it soon became a private junk yard with a clouded title. Next, it stood for years shuttered and half-heartedly salvaged…until today.

All of this is changing. Over the course of the last twelve months your support helped make the purchase of this property possible so clean-up can begin. Your voice and vision can continue to play a role.

A Brownfields Workshop will be held on August 23rd and 24th at Sheridan Memorial Conference Center at 61 South Gould and will include discussion of the future of Acme. To participate in casting a vision for this community site, please register for this free event at

The Acme project will span several years from clean-up to the realization of a community vision. Imagining what this site could become is all the fun.

Want to make a difference?  

Orchestrating the purchase of this property was neither cheap nor expedient due to the history and complexity of previous “owners”.

We still need to raise $26,000 in 2017 to close out this crucial first step: