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New Trails Open to Public

After years of planning, we’re excited to share that we now have two miles of new trail for you to enjoy! Wildwood Trails Inc. spent the last month building two miles of trail on State land, with two looping trails representing Phase I of the Red Grade Trails System.

Trail Ambassador Outreach
To debut these new trails to the public, we are scheduling Trail Ambassador volunteers on the trails and at the trailhead for 20 – 30 hours each week between now and the end of October. Volunteers will be present during peak trail use times and on-hand to answer questions, monitor trail use, pick up garbage and report any issues that may arise. Sound like fun? If you’re interested in volunteering, call 673-4702 or email

Beginning in 2016, SCLT will hire a seasonal Trail Ambassador to tackle these duties from April – November annually. Information on this position will be posted at by March 2016.

Law Enforcement Solutions
We are well aware that there are existing issues within the Red Grade vicinity, including trespassing, illegal fires, and firearm incidents. SCLT is currently working in partnership with local law enforcement agencies to draft a State Land Board Order for 2016, which would give the necessary authority to law enforcement officers to address the majority of issues of concern in the Red Grade vicinity.

Next Steps For Red Grade Trails System
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is completing additional analysis of the project and its potential impacts and has asked us to submit trails proposed on BLM land within the current plan that that have “independent utility”, meaning trails that represent a functioning system and desirable destinations without being dependent on subsequent approvals on adjacent lands.

The BLM will continue work on their draft Environmental Assessment (EA) over the winter and release a draft final EA for public comment in the spring, prior to making a draft final decision that will also have a public comment period.

SCLT will not submit any formal Right Of Way request to the USFS until a BLM decision is released. At this time, the only construction anticipated in 2016 is the safety improvements proposed for the two existing parking areas on State land, servicing the two miles of trail constructed in 2015.

Thank you!
SCLT’s staff and board of directors would like to thank all of our members who make projects like this one possible, as well as all of the individuals and organizations in our community who have supported our work. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the project, our door is always open and there will be ample opportunities for public comments in the coming months and years.