Tom Petty was right (when wasn’t he?): You belong among the wildflowers.

Now, thanks to the efforts of David Haile and Susanna Meyer, you’ll be able to identify those beautiful wildflowers you’re seeing when you’re out on Prairie Loop or sitting on the bench at Red Grade Overlook.

This past summer David and Susanna took time to photograph all the flowers – and many of the plants – they could find along Red Grade Trails and beyond.

The inspiration? Families on trail and a desire to learn.

“I see flowers and I want to know what they are and what they’re about and the best way to learn something is to write it down,” David relayed. He then used the guide as a way to learn how to use Adobe InDesign, a graphic design program.

He thought he’d share the guide with fellow trailgoers. “There were a lot of kids up there early in the spring. This guide is something for families to do.”

David says he’d like to do a second guide – this one on insects, but he’d like some help. “They’re hard to take pictures of unless you can catch them.”

You can find several printed, laminated copies at Red Grade Trails trailheads courtesy of Yellowstone Trail Systems, LLC. Be sure to grab one; please return it when you’re done.

You can also download the guide here.