6 2024, 03

SCLT Conservation Revolving Fund can help families cover upfront costs of conserving their land

2024-03-06T16:38:08-07:00March 6th, 2024|Conservation, Recent News|

Families in Sheridan County can now find it a little easier to conserve their land thanks to Sheridan Community Land Trust’s new Conservation Revolving Fund, which can cover the upfront costs associated with a conservation easement. “Usually, a donation to [...]

20 2024, 02

SCLT awarded $1.13 million to conserve three working ranches in Sheridan County

2024-02-20T16:09:36-07:00February 20th, 2024|Conservation|

The Sheridan Community Land Trust (SCLT) has been awarded $1.13 million from the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust (WWNRT) to permanently conserve three working ranches while protecting seven miles of rivers and creeks and crucial areas for mule [...]

1 2023, 10

Stopping erosion & healing land by ‘letting water do the work’

2023-12-18T12:46:44-07:00October 1st, 2023|Conservation, Recent News, Recreation, Trails, Water|

Good soil takes hundreds of thousands of years to build. And in a matter of minutes, it can all be washed away. This is especially true in Sheridan County where much of our soil easily erodes. Thankfully, there’s a solution [...]

8 2023, 08

Patience and Planning Leads to Conservation of Ranchester Family Ranch

2023-08-08T17:08:08-06:00August 8th, 2023|Conservation, Recent News|

When Brit William Langland first wrote “patience is a fair virtue” into a poem in the mid-1300s, it’s unlikely a patch of paradise an ocean and a continent away were on his mind. For many, the Tongue River Valley is [...]

17 2023, 05

Rebecca Ash works to create ‘on-the-ground projects with real benefits” as SCLT’s Conservation Intern

2023-05-17T16:25:39-06:00May 17th, 2023|Conservation, Fencing, Recent News, Water|

Creating a sustainable, resilient range is at the top of the list for anyone involved with ranching and agriculture in the Mountain West. For the next six months, Rebecca Ash will be helping local families do exactly that as Sheridan [...]

8 2023, 05

Help Sheridan County wildlife at two volunteer fence removal events

2023-05-17T16:25:23-06:00May 8th, 2023|Conservation, Events, Fencing, Recent News|

You can help wildlife in Sheridan County by joining Sheridan Community Land Trust by volunteering at a pair of fence removal events. The first opportunity is set for Wednesday, May 24, at Sheridan College. Volunteers are asked to meet at [...]

24 2023, 03

SCLT releases Sheridan County Drought Planner to help ranchers and ag producers navigate stress, challenges during droughts

2023-04-13T16:54:00-06:00March 24th, 2023|Conservation, Recent News, Water|

Download a Drought Planner as a Word document Download a Drought Planner as a PDF file Without a proper plan in place, Mother Nature’s driest days could leave many of Sheridan County’s ranchers and ag producers underwater. That’s [...]

18 2022, 11

For volunteers, there’s something for everyone

2022-11-18T09:18:16-07:00November 18th, 2022|Community, Community Initiatives, Conservation, Event, Historic Preservation, Recent News, Recreation, Trails, Volunteering, Water|

Since our inception, SCLT wouldn’t be able to serve our community if our community didn’t serve alongside us. While trails may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about volunteering with SCLT, as SCLT responds to [...]

18 2022, 11

Volunteers help wildlife move more easily thanks to successes of four friendly fencing projects

2023-05-17T16:26:09-06:00November 18th, 2022|Conservation, Fencing, Recent News|

The summer sun was shining bright in the foothills along Pass Creek on a Saturday morning in late August as a group of volunteers worked to swiftly strip nearly three-quarters of a mile of barbed-fence off its posts. Just behind, [...]

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