SCLT Invasive Grass work receives national press

Last summer, interns Matt Springsteen and Connor Land surveyed sites around Sheridan County to help identify, track and map invasive medusahead and ventenata. It was part of a partnership between SCLT and Sheridan County Weed & Pest Control District. The information they collected is utilized by a group of regional partners collectively called the North East Wyoming Invasive Grass Working Group. The interns’ work was made possible by grant from the Dan and Jeanne Scott Family Foundation. Recently, the Land Trust Alliance selected the partnership that supported their work as an example of community-driven partnerships that can help localities manage …

Chris VrbaSCLT Invasive Grass work receives national press

SCLT receives Key Service Award

On February 12, the Sheridan Community Land Trust was honored to be named this year’s Key Service Award recipient at the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce’s awards banquet. SCLT was first nominated and then chosen from four other nonprofit organizations operating in our community by a vote of active Chamber members. Here is a thank you to the community from President Susan Holmes: “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” It’s a famous quote I thought of as I stood in front of a packed room applauding as the Sheridan Community Land Trust …

Chris VrbaSCLT receives Key Service Award

$25,000 Match Challenge open through January 15

Carol and Sam Mavrakis of The Seidler Foundation offer dollar-for-dollar match on all gifts and 2:1 for for all first time and new monthly gifts. Help make the match here >> The inspiration to build a better community is not an overnight epiphany; it is a single seed that blossoms only after it has taken root deep in the open plains and rolling hills that surround our beautiful Bighorns. And that is exactly what is happening at Big Horn Middle School, where inspiration is a seed carefully cultivated through community service. For the past three years, many middle schoolers have …

Chris Vrba$25,000 Match Challenge open through January 15

SCLT takes conservation to new heights with Sheridan Heights Ranch Conservation Easement

In October 2019, Sheridan Community Land Trust took conservation to new heights as the land trust secured a unique voluntary conservation agreement to ensure the special character of one of the county’s most popular places remains intact for perpetuity. The Sheridan Heights Ranch Conservation Easement conserves 476 acres of working ranch, open space, important wildlife habitat and an unspoiled, unbroken view of the Bighorns right on the west edge of Sheridan. It also means SCLT has now conserved nearly 3,500 acres of Sheridan County across 11 voluntary conservation agreements. While many folks may not be familiar with Sheridan Heights Ranch, …

Chris VrbaSCLT takes conservation to new heights with Sheridan Heights Ranch Conservation Easement

Annual Report 2018-19

Our 2018-19 Annual Report is hot off the press. Want to read about all the great things friends of SCLT made possible this past year? Here’s 3 ways. Download a Press Quality (larger file) copy here >> Download a Web (smaller file) copy here >> Read as an online book here >>

Chris VrbaAnnual Report 2018-19

Mule Deer Migration

Find out more about the project >>> Healthy mule deer populations are essential to sustaining the ecological, economic, and cultural values of our western landscapes. Increasingly, scientists and wildlife managers are recognizing that the productivity of these herds depends on their ability to migrate seasonally across vast expanses of public and private lands. In the northern Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming Game and Fish Department and partners have joined forces to fit 80 mule deer with satellite collars to map and study their movements in detail for the first time. This study will gather valuable information that can help stakeholders better understand …

Brad BauerMule Deer Migration

City of Sheridan, SCLT team up to take down 10 acres of invasive Russian olives

If you see some bare spots around Sam Mavrakis Fishing Pond and Hume Draw this spring, don’t be alarmed. City of Sheridan staff will be doing their patriotic duty by removing an invasive foreign menace – the Russian olive. Since it was first introduced to North America in the late 1800s, Russian olive has steadily spread across the country thanks in large measure to our furred and feathered friends who unwittingly carpet bomb the landscape with seeds from the shrub’s ripe fruit – a literal red menace. A classic colonizing species, once on the ground, Russian olive seedlings grow quickly, …

Chris VrbaCity of Sheridan, SCLT team up to take down 10 acres of invasive Russian olives

❤️Learning to love what they doo❤️

Land mines. Dung dunes. Manure mountains. Whatever you call them, if you’ve spent any time on The Classic Soldier Ridge Trail, you’ve likely had to dodge a cow pie or two. And, from time to time, you may have had to sidestep so many beef patties it might have felt like you were doing agility drills at the NFL Combine. While they may make for an occasional inconvenience, we like to think of them as regular reminders that ranching and recreation need not be mutually exclusive. Which is why this Valentine’s season, we thought we’d spread some love for something …

Chris Vrba❤️Learning to love what they doo❤️

Preserving land, history east of Sheridan

Clearmont, from 1891 Conserved land and historic preservation working together in Sheridan County. In 2015, previous landowners Mark and Kim Tenneson celebrated a conservation easement and historical preservation easement to protect the land, the homestead, and the rich history that comes with it. The homestead is known as the Doc Huson home. For the Huson family, conservation is special. “The homestead and ranchland will remain as we know it for future generations,” said Lois Hall, Doc’s granddaughter. Her father was born at the homestead to E.W. “Doc” Huson and his wife, Clarissa Pettingill Huson. Edward Huson was born in Boston, …

Brad BauerPreserving land, history east of Sheridan