The Dusk to Dawn Trail Run was the first of six non-SCLT events this year to use trails you helped build – putting the community in community trails!

“If you build it, they will come.” It’s an iconic line from an iconic film, and an apt rejoinder for Sheridan in 2020 is “Because you built it, they done came.”

That sure was the spirit in the air in August as folks from all around Wyoming and beyond gathered at Red Grade Trails for the first-ever Dawn to Dusk Trail Run.

Why willingly run all night? Among the answers: “It’s a good, fun environment to be in.” “It’s a chance to see how far I can go.” “These trails are super convenient.”

Or, as Justin Kinner told us, “Given the state of the world right now, it’s nice to see something that’s going. That’s why I support the Dusk to Dawn Trail Run and that’s why I support the Sheridan Community Land Trust.”
Five more events were held on community trails this fall, with some donating a portion of registration or proceeds to help us build and maintain your community trails.

One of those events was The Dead Swede. Organizer Jordan LeDuc said Red Grade Trails was used to showcase what the community has helped build to more than 500 riders. He said Red Grade Trails “adds a little spice and it’s a way easier climb.”

LeDuc explained why some of each rider’s registration was donated to SCLT. The trails “have created a better quality of life, and we’re strong advocates of that. We feel it’s a necessity to give back to that organization.”

And that’s how you’ve helped put the community in community trails!