rear-mcmeans-sclt-2013-38We have been working diligently on the conservation front and are excited to share our anticipation of several projects closing before the end of 2016, with a fourth to follow in 2017.  The public benefits of these projects are diverse and significant, from protecting some of the most productive irrigated agricultural lands along Wolf Creek to environmental rehabilitation along the Tongue River and increased public access.

Each of these projects is incredibly unique with acreages ranging from 7 to nearly 500 acres with similarly-varied transaction methods, including purchase of a life estate, bargain-sale conservation easements, and assignment of a purchase option.  From a financial perspective, these projects are comprehensively valued at $2.19M. Together with our project partners (unique to each project), we have raised $2.03M, most recently with $252,000 in awards from the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust in addition to private fundraising efforts.  We eagerly look forward to sharing a complete picture of each project as it closes, and are just $160K (9%) from reaching our funding goal. If you are interested in our conservation mission and helping us meet this goal, please contact us at 673-4702 or

Project work like this would be impossible without our community’s vision for landscape conservation in this county. Thank you for allowing SCLT to seek out and work with private property owners for local benefit.