Reconstruction begins of the two existing parking areas on State Land. The goal of the parking area project is to enhance on and off road safety in the immediate vicinity while improving the layout and grades of parking surfaces for existing summer and winter use. SCLT is committed to minimizing necessary removal of vegetation with this project and, once reconstruction has been completed, SCLT will continue to landscape and re-vegetate the project vicinity to maximize screening of the parking areas from public roadways and private lands in the area using a variety of native species.

Funding for the project includes multiple grants from Wyoming’s Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources as well as gifts from local individuals and foundations.

This project is entirely contained on State Lands and is explicitly permitted under Special Use Permit 797 as granted by the Office of State Lands and Investments.

Closure Details
“The Springs” parking area will be closed until June 24 pending reconstruction.
“The Upper” parking area will remain open for day-use only during that time period. Beginning June 27, “The Upper” parking area will be closed while “The Springs” parking area remains open for day-use only. The upper hiking trail will similarly be closed through June 24 while the lower hiking trail will remain open for the duration of the project. Please slow down along affected sections of Red Grade Road.

Project Contacts
An SCLT representative will be on-site and/or on-call for the duration of the project in addition to weekly site visits by SCLT’s project engineer and construction manager, Morrison and Maierle (formerly Vista West Engineering of Sheridan). The contractor is GW Construction, LLC of Gillette, Wyoming.