The Provision Fund kicked off the giving season recently with a gift of $900 to the Sheridan Community Land Trust.

Everything the Fund supports will have immediate local impact across our whole community, but will also create a foundation for lasting benefits, for ourselves, our families, and our region, that will be felt long into the future.

“Provision Fund supports projects that impact our community to enhance our quality of life. Provision Fund could assure that the desired outcomes for projects and efforts like the Sheridan Community Land Trust Kicking Horse Trail are achieved and the benefits are sustained into the future,” Casey Osborn, Provision Fund Founder.

The gift will pay for the cost of materials, fabrication and installation of the rollover cattleguard at a fence crossing on the newly opened Kicking Horse Trail. SCLT Executive Director Brad Bauer said each rollover cattleguard is designed for the specific needs of each crossing, with each guard being built in Sheridan County.

“This gift will make it much easier for cyclists to use Kicking Horse Trail while ensuring the cattle that graze the range around the trail are far less likely to graze their way onto neighbors’ lands,” Bauer remarked.

Kicking Horse Trail opened to the public in October. It is open year-round to non-motorized pedestrian, cycle and equestrian use. It is part of the Soldier Ridge Trail System, which along with Hidden Hoot Trail, The Link, and Soldier Ridge Trail, comprise more than 10 miles of community trail SCLT has built and maintains Sheridan’s western edge.

The gift was made possible because of community members who partner with the Provision Fund. All of us “as patrons” contributing $100 annually have an active role in selecting projects they believe will make an impact in Sheridan County. A panel of ten stewards oversee the Fund disbursements.

“SCLT values creating new ways for people to enjoy the outdoors in Sheridan County. We’re thankful the Provision Fund’s patrons and stewards value that, too. This gift helps make it easier than ever before to go from your front to the outdoors in Sheridan County,” Bauer concluded.

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