A family with a history in Sheridan County has utilized a unique avenue to create a legacy of conservation in a place they love because of a recent gift they made to the Sheridan Community Land Trust.

Inspired by the sweeping views, clean water and abundant wildlife intermingled with working land and ranches, the family purchased a lot in a rural subdivision. Their plan was to settle down and enjoy the beauty of the best place on Earth – Sheridan County – in their retirement.

Sometimes, however, plans change.

In this case, Brad Bauer, SCLT Executive Director, explained that the family, who wish to remain anonymous, eventually realized that they would never build a home on their lot, nor did they have a long-term use for it.

As they began to plan their estate, they knew they wanted to use their piece of land to help an organization helping what they love most about Sheridan County – the character of its lands.

This particular piece of land – a not-yet-developed lot within a growing subdivision – was not an ideal candidate for a voluntary conservation agreement. However, that didn’t mean the family couldn’t utilize their land to further conserve what makes Sheridan County special.

After weighing how best to use the land, the family chose to donate the plot to SCLT. In three years, SCLT will be able to sell the plot and utilize the proceeds of the sale to further conservation projects across the county.

“This gift is a win-win-win,” Bauer remarked. “It is a win for the family, who can realize their goal of helping conserve what they love about Sheridan County. It is a win for SCLT because the gift will provide resources we can put to use on conservation projects. And it is a win for conservation.”

By utilizing their unneeded subdivision lot, the family was able to create a legacy of conservation that extends beyond the boundary of the lot out to the whole community.

This gift is one of a number of ways families can work with SCLT to conserve what they love most about Sheridan County. Any residential, commercial, or industrial lot – developed or undeveloped – can be a tool you can use to create a legacy of your choosing.

You don’t just have to create a legacy of conservation. Your legacy could be to preserve stories of Sheridan County’s past so they can be told to future generations. You legacy could be to connect more people to the outdoors through educational programs like Discovery Sessions or on many miles of well-maintained community trails. The options are limitless, and you can choose your legacy.

Your choice to create a legacy can also help you today and help you and your family tomorrow. Maybe your hard work paid off and you’d benefit from a tax deduction. Maybe you’d like the option to use the property for a little while, but not forever. Maybe your property is the way you can make the largest impact in your community. One thing is certain – anyone who owns property would benefit from planning for that property’s future sooner than later.

Once you’ve chosen the legacy you want to create, SCLT will work with you to ensure your legacy is achieved.

To learn how SCLT can help you conserve what you love most about Sheridan County, please contact Brad Bauer via phone (307) 673-4702, email director@sheridanclt.org or visit our page on planned giving.