Wyoming Humanities (WYH) is pleased to present a Spark Grant award to Sheridan Community Land Trust (SCLT) in support of “The History of Dude Ranching: A Timeline.”

The project will help in the creation and installation of signage exploring dude ranching history in Sheridan County, from 1900 to 2020. The signs will be presented at the SCLT Trailfest scheduled for June 5.

According to Alexis Petrie of SCLT, this project will provide information to the community on an important part of Wyoming and Sheridan County history, including the impact on tourism and the role women played in this history.

“Dude ranches are an important part of the Wyoming narrative,” Petrie said in her application. “Dude ranches and women business owners initiated the early Wyoming tourist growth, especially in the Sheridan County area. This project brings that history to the community in an accessible way.”

Spark Grants provide funding to Wyoming communities and nonprofits for programming related to the humanities. Projects are selected based on communities’ needs and programs designed to spark new insights and perspectives. Funding is provided through the Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources. Grantees provide equal or greater matching funds and in-kind contributions. WYH grants generate significant social and economic impact five times greater than state funding.